Welcome to Hemingford, Nebraska!

Located in the Nebraska panhandle county of Box Butte, Hemingford, Nebraska boasts a population of around 900. Settled by Canadian immigrants from Quebec in 1885 who named their community Hemingford after Hemmings Ford, Quebec, Canada. The 1870's gold rush in the Black Hills contributed to the growth of the area which revolved around the railroad. Ranchers, too, were drawn to the area and in the 1890's the community boasted of several merchandise stores, hardware stores, miliners, blacksmiths, saloons, a real estate office, a shoemaker, lumber yard and four daily passenger trains. In 1890, Hemingford became the second county seat after Nonpareil was by-passed by the railroad causing it to cease to exisit. In 1899, Alliance took the honor from Hemingford even removing the courthouse and moving it by rail. Hemingford has the Box Butte County fairgrounds however and it holds claim to one of the largest county fairs in the entire State. After several fires in the early 1900's Hemingford is home to few businesses, but does have a coffee shop/cafe in Treasured Grounds and a motel, the Patriot Inn as well as the Westco Cenex station for fuel.

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