Mid-June Ramblings

It’s the middle of June and the gardens are planted and the Farmer’s Markets are going strong. Families are traveling towards vacation spots across our lands and striving to make memories for the young and for the old.
Our family had a get-to-gether at a horse arena to watch one of our young lovelies race her horse around barrels against a clock.


Was a relaxing laugh filled horsey time sitting in on those metal seats in the stands and around the “Look for the white trailer pulled by the white and black pick-up”. Inside joke. There were a thousand or so white trailers and white and black pick-ups. It got some of us wondering if those instructions were purposely anti-instructions? Just kidding Pat!

Paige and Zoey

City kids joining with some country kids and enjoying it all together. Petting the horse and getting to sit on the horse while being led around the parking lot.

Drake 2

Big smiles and some hiding behind Nana’s legs and Noooo I don’t want to ride on the horse thank you.

A late Mexican restaurant supper afterwards. Delicious food and drink and a server that was outstanding in his abilities and hospitality in taking an order for 18 at ten minutes before closing time. Was a wonderful evening full of laughter and stories, many pictures and some great memories were made.

table full1
Soon young sweet granddaughter will be arriving to spend a few days with Nana and Grampa. Thinking about what we will be doing to make some memories for her.  And us.

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