Central Nebraska Junk Jaunt!

The 300 mile garage sale begins this Friday, September 22nd and lasts through Sunday, September 24, 2017. From perusing the 2017 Shopper’s Guide for the Junk Jaunt, it looks to be bigger and better than ever!
Fourteen towns along Nebraska Highway 2 are in the Shopper’s Guide, from Thedford to Grand Island. I hope to make a stop in each of the 14 towns to meet junk jaunters and maybe pick up a treasure or two. Will I see you out there?
Please remember that there will be many out of staters as well as folks from other areas of Nebraska who will be slowing down and turning around trying to locate different junk jaunt sites so give them plenty of room, time and courtesy! We would like everyone to stay safe and enjoy Central Nebraska’s Junk Jaunt!

Sending many Prayers

It is hard to imagine the destruction and loss that so many of our fellow countrymen are suffering through right now while here in Nebraska life is calm and the weather is beautiful. To our West wildfires are burning up the land and the trees and homes and displacing wildlife. To the South, hurricanes and rain destroying lives and towns and cities.
We offer our prayers and hopes that things will calm down soon and people can rebuild and that they stay safe! We pray that your lives will be able to resume some semblance of normalcy and that you will emerge stronger.

Beautiful beautiful Fall!

Can it really be September 1st already?  I know that it is because the Nebraska State Fair is in full swing and we are harvesting tomatoes at every turn!  We canned 22 pints of salsa this week and earlier froze a case of roasted Hatch chiles and before that we froze sweet corn.  I think we will once again eat well this winter.  More tomato canning will take place today.