sandhills along Nebraska Highway 2
sandhills along Nebraska Highway 2

The weather in Nebraska is always varied. The saying “if you don’t like the weather just a wait a few days” is well known around our State. This week – In FEBRUARY – we are enjoying warm, sunny 70 degree temperatures. And in two days we will have a winter storm watch bringing a possible foot of snow for the northern and western sections of our State. What? Yes, say the weather predictors. Oh, okay.
I have been attending the Nebraska Agri-Tourism Conference in beautiful Broken Bow, Nebraska this week. Yesterday, we traveled a few miles out of Broken Bow into the Sandhills and visited the Kinkaiders Brewery. What a lovely day it was. The business owners shared their stories of how they came to start their business, the support from the community they received and their hopes for the future of their business. We then broke into groups and toured the buildings and the taproom and enjoyed a cool beverage outside on the deck.
Supper was deliciously provided by Kinkaider’s restaurant chef, MIchelle Paris, a longtime chef from Portland, Oregon.
The first day of the Nebraska Agri-Tourism Conference was full of information, lots of laughs, great food and drink and the opportunity to meet many new and familiar faces from around our State. Looking forward to today’s full schedule!