Tulips and Easter eggs

nh2Glad the hot weather did not stick around very long. Much much too early for that kind of heat. Now this feels like Spring, 40 degrees and sunny skies. The tulips are up and here and there are a few purple hyacinths. Spring is lovely when its cool and the blooms open up. The flowering trees with their cotton ball white flowers and those with their bright yellow blooms are everywhere in this neighborhood.
Since January I have been taking yet another class from the local community college. As a liberal arts university student I have found that I was lacking in business education even though I have worked in a law office for 25 years. My paralegal education touched on businesses but mostly business law.  There is not much marketing in a law office business as it mostly word of mouth and the bookkeeping I did relied on the software packages on the computer. Delving into an entrepreneurship class has opened my eyes to many aspects of running a business and acquiring customers and keeping those customers happy and provided for.  The small town communities need thriving businesses in order to survive and tourist dollars will add to improving economics in small town communities.  Due to the internet, many young people are returning to their small town roots to live and raise their families.  But they still need amenities close to home and businesses need to grow.  Please support small businesses.  They support many wonderful people, things and places.

Today, the Spring road is beckoning again and as everything is greening up it seems a great time to get out and explore Nebraskahighway2 and meet people in the communities and make some new friends! Happy Oestre and welcome Spring!