WELCOME TO Broken Bow, Nebraska!

Located 10 miles southeast of the geological center of the State of Nebraska, Broken Bow is the Custer county seat with a population of approximately 3,600 people. Settled by ranchers from Texas who claimed the area was a "Cattleman's Paradise", Broken Bow was incorporated as a village in 1884 the same year the railroad reached the area. Populated with freedom riding ranchers and determined homesteaders, the area was rocked by violence as each lifestyle fought for its right to exist. The first settler in the area was Lewis R. Dowse, who made a claim in the Middle Loup Valley. In 1874, Frank Ohme was recorded as the first homesteader. Jessy Gandy is credited as Broken Bow's town founder.

Two army forts were built in the area, one near Victoria Springs and one near Comstock in response to rumors of impending Indian uprisings. The uprisings did not materialize. The rich history of Broken Bow and Custer County, Nebraska can be explored at the Custer County Museum in the town square. The museum houses a large gallery of the photographs taken by Solomon D. Butcher.

The area's largest employers are the Adams Land & Cattle Company and Becton-Dickinson. Jennie Melham Memorial Medical Center employs 150 and provides as a full service hospital. There are several motels in Broken Bow as well as unique restaurants, and a brewery with a restaurant.

The Sandhills Scenic Byway Visitor Center big red barn is located on Nebraska Highway 2 on the east side of Broken Bow, Nebraska. Stop in and learn about the beautiful sandhills.

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